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Applied Rapid Technologies (ART) Corporation, located in Fredericksburg, VA, has been designing and creating prototypes for more than a decade. Across multiple industries, from aerospace to health care to consumer electronics, we help engineers, designers and inventors transform their ideas into reality.

As a rapid prototyping service bureau, we function much like a machine shop, fabricating parts for a variety of client needs. We specialize in plastics; using cutting-edge “additive manufacturing” processes to build our prototypes.

At ART, we customize our flexible services for a diverse client base – from the individual entrepreneur to the Fortune 500 executive. Typically, we fabricate one to 10 prototypes for each application, but we can easily handle a run of several hundred as well.

Our state-of-the-art workshop is open for customers to visit at anytime. Our team of experienced engineers and craftsmen add enormous value to every project, educating clients on when it makes the most sense to use our technology – and when it doesn’t. Come see how we help maximize the ideas of all our clients – experienced and inexperienced alike – who need high-quality parts quickly.

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