File preparation for prototype quotations

ART and File Preparation

The first step in constructing your vision is to send us your files. The preferred formats, in order of preference are: *.stl; *.sldprt.;*.x_t; *.igs; *.stp; and *.sat.

From these files, we generate a quote and prepare the data to begin the rapid prototyping process. Please note that other file formats may be used, but may require additional CAD translation.

The STL file, simply a mesh of triangles wrapped around a CAD model, is the industry standard for rapid prototyping.

How to Create STL Files

When saving STL files, each 3-D solid modeling program has a particular step-by-step process for creating the file. What you need to remember:

  • Most programs provide a “save as” command, with the option to select the STL format.
  • For quoting purposes, default settings suffice. However we may ask you to increase the resolution of the STL file for the actual prototype, to avoid “faceting.”
  • In most cases, the higher the resolution, the better, however bear in mind that the highest resolutions may create unnecessarily large data files that are difficult to process.



File Size (MB)

Deviation Tolerance

Angle Tolerance

Too hi 798.500 38 .0003” .5˚
Hi resolution 23.428 1.12 .0005”
Med resolution 4.676 0.226 .0029” 10˚
Low resolution 1.634 0.078 .0076” 30˚

Getting Files to ART
  • Send the file(s) using our Quotation Request Form
  • Send the file(s) as an e-mail attachment to
  • FTP the file to us at Downloads not permitted.
  • Over night it or bring the file to us on a CD or Flash drive
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    1130 International Parkway, Suite 127
    Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406
  • Fax drawings to (540) 286-5252.