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Applied Rapid Technologies Signs Distribution Agreement with DSM Somos®

ART to Provide Technical Support and Sales of Somos Stereolithography (SL) Resins

FREDERICKSBURG, VA, September 1, 2004 -- Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation (ART), a leading provider of rapid prototyping and short-run production solutions has signed a distribution agreement with DSM Somos® to provide technical support and sales of Somos stereolithography (SL) resins. As a longtime user of Somos resins and SL technology, ART is in a unique position to provide first-hand knowledge and technical support to customers using Somos products.

“We are very pleased to partner with DSM Somos in the distribution of their SL resins,” said Bruce LeMaster, ART president. “We have been using Somos resins exclusively in our SLA machines since 1999 and have the first-hand experience from our service bureau business to help our customers optimize Somos resins for their particular applications.”

DSM Somos resin portfolio includes the 8100 series polyethylene-like resin, the 9100 series polypropylene-like resin, and the new 12100 series of high temperature “ProtoTherm” resin, ideal for high heat applications and often used for wind tunnel testing among many others.

Contact ART at 1-540-286-2266 for more information regarding DSM Somos and the best high performing Somos resins.

About Applied Rapid Technologies (ART) Corporation

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation (ART) is a leading provider of rapid prototyping and short-run production solutions. ART utilizes stereolithography (SL), Polyjet™, and fused-deposition modeling (FDM) technologies to produce plastic models and parts that allow entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 firms the ability to prototype and test their designs before going to production. In addition, ART offers soft tooling, urethane casting, and production paint services including two-part polyurethanes and CARC coatings, and silk screening for prototypes and production parts.

Located in Fredericksburg, VA with sales offices in Columbia, MD and North Andover, MA, ART serves the mid-Atlantic and northeast region and has customers throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. For more information contact ART at 1-540-286-2266, or email us at, or visit our website at

About DSM Somos

DSM SOMOS®, a world leader in high-performance stereolithography resin innovation, has developed a full line of ProtoFunctional rapid prototyping products that replicate production materials, saving time and money. Somos offers materials for multiple applications including functional Models, fit/assembly, general purpose, investment casting, snap fit, injection molding/direct tooling and wind tunnel testing. For more information, visit:

ART signs distribution agreement with DSM Somos®