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Applied Rapid Technologies adds Somos NeXt LV Grey to Materials Lineup

Somos NeXt LV Grey is a high impact nylon-like Stereolithography resin

FREDERICKSBURG, VA, April 1, 2013 -- Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation (ART), a leading provider of rapid prototyping and short-run production solutions announces the addition of DSM Somos® NeXt LV Grey resin to its stereolithography materials portfolio. This resin is the latest development in the high-performance, high-impact Somos NeXt series. NeXt resins produce parts with an unprecedented combination of stiffness and toughness, which typically characterizes thermoplastics, with all of the high feature detail, dimensional accuracy and aesthetics offered by stereolithography.

“While our customers will likely only notice the difference in color, the NeXt LV Grey offers a drastic reduction in resin viscosity that makes processing stereolithography parts much easier” says ART president BruceLeMaster. “The lower resin viscosity helps improve sidewall quality, makesb trapped-volume geometries easier to build, and ultimately increases our machine throughput.”

As the name implies, the new NeXt LV Grey is pigmented to a light grey color. End-users will appreciate the contrast the grey color provides over the original NeXt material which is an off-white, as small features and details tend to “pop out” visually with the NeXt LV Grey.

For more information regarding materials offered on the Connex multi-material printer and application specific solutions contact Applied Rapid Technologies at 1-540-286-2266.

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Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation is a leading provider of rapid prototyping and short-run production solutions. ART utilizes stereolithography (SL), Polyjet™, and fused-deposition modeling (FDM) technologies to produce plastic models and parts that allow entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 firms the ability to prototype and test their designs before going to production. In addition, ART offers soft tooling, urethane casting, production paint services including two-part polyurethanes, CARC coatings, and silk screening for prototypes and production parts.

Applied Rapid Technologies to Offer DSM Somos NeXt LV Grey