Polyjet™ printing stereolithography models & prototypes

It’s All in the Details: ART and PolyJet™ Printing

For prototypes with remarkably precise feature details and smooth surface finishes, ART offers an alternative rapid prototyping choice: Polyjet™ Printing.

Polyjet™ printing allows tremendous precision, with layers up to seven times finer than standard stereolithography models. Prototypes can be built from seven different resins making ART’s 3-D printer extremely versatile. The fine layer resolution and the material options make the process well-suited for building amorphic shapes, tiny figurines, rubber-like parts, and injection molded-like models.

Whatever your vision, from game board action heroes, to laser scanned fossils, to toothbrushes and shaving razors, ART’s Polyjet™ printers have successfully served the needs of a wide variety of industries. And, just like its SL counterparts, completed Polyjet models will be accurate and finished to meet your desired specifications.

Polyjet™ Capability:

  • Produces ultra fine details with .0006 inch (16 microns) horizontal layers
  • Currently able to print seven different resins, including flexible, Shore A materials that work well for:
    • Gaskets
    • Grommets
    • Strain-reliefs
    • Button pads
Available Polyjet™ Resins from ART:

The Polyjet™ Printing Process: Step by Step

  • 1) Polyjet™ printing technology works by jetting a photopolymer material in ultra-thin layers (0.0006 inch) onto a build tray, layer by layer.
  • 2) Each layer is cured by UV light immediately after it is jetted.
  • 3) The high-resolution 0.0006 inch layers ensure smooth, accurate and highly detailed models.