Rapid Prototyping Case Studies

Industry: Consumer electronics

Product: Hand-held touchpad device

The Challenge: An electronic housing with overmolded grips and integrated key pad. The design called for a hard urethane two-piece plastic housing with an overmolded rubber-like urethane for maximum shock absorption and superior grip. In addition, a complex, integrated keypad had to be incorporated into the overmolding. Required turn around time? Two weeks.

The ART Solution:
For this Maryland electronics developer, ART developed one round of stereolithography masters and silicone rubber tooling to create a small production run of urethane castings. Our years of specialized experience helped us manage the complicated process of integrating the keypad and creating streamlined, attractive and highly functional overmolding.

The Results: In just ten days, ART created a limited production run of ten hand-held electronic housings, which functioned successfully in the field. A few months later, our satisfied customer returned for another ten sets of housings.