Applied Rapid Technologies to Offer DSM Somos® NeXt Resin

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation (ART), a leading provider of rapid prototyping and short-run production solutions announces the addition of DSM Somos® NeXt resin to its stereolithography materials portfolio. Somos NeXt produces parts that demonstrate an unprecedented combination of stiffness and toughness, which typically characterizes thermoplastics, with all of the high feature detail, dimensional accuracy and aesthetics offered by stereolithography.

“This is a material you need to hold in your hand to fully appreciate,” says DSM Somos Marketing Manager Vince Adams. “The combination of stiffness and toughness produces a look and feel that is similar to thermoplastic, that users are surprised the material is actually a stereolithography resin.”

ART will offer NeXt material immediately and recommends the SL resin for production-oriented applications that require thermoplastic characteristics. Contact ART at 1-540-286-2266 for more information regarding DSM Somos and the best high performing Somos resins.