The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2022: Highlights & Announcements

Integrating technology into manufacturing is essential to advancing production techniques and cutting-edge equipment. The technology advancements discussed at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) will impact the manufacturing industry for years. Applied Rapid Technologies (ART) showcased new integrations and advances during the September 2022 IMTS in Chicago.

What is IMTS 2022? 

International Manufacturing Technology Show is an exhibition targeting the manufacturing industry to showcase the technological developments designed to ease labor problems for small to medium businesses. On top of finding new technologies, the event gives manufacturing companies a chance to create new connections and rekindle old relationships. Over 86,000 registrants attended the event in September 2022, creating new collaborations, partnerships, and networking opportunities to keep the industry advancing.

The IMTS is the longest-running and most prominent of the trade shows that take place in the Western hemisphere. Manufacturers and technology developers gather every other year to discuss and learn how to advance their manufacturing businesses. Attendees view demonstrations of advanced technologies available for purchase and integration to increase profit and production immediately.

One innovation made a lasting impression on Ingersoll’s CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Ahrstrom. According to the IMTS post-show report, “Space explorers can’t bring everything necessary to colonize space. This demands that we develop a space manufacturing economy. As you walk around the show, the presence of additive manufacturing is significant. No longer the stuff of research labs, it is mainstream and driving active change throughout the capital equipment industry. Who could have conceived of printing space thermoplastic habitats or metal tank hulls? And we are doing this today!” The awe of 3D printing technologies included ART’s new advancements on the NXE400 industrial-grade 3D printer.

Announcements at IMTS 2022

As a distributor for Nexa3D, ART participated in their booth as Nexa3D revealed their upgrade to the NXE400 with a more powerful light engine. Now called the NXE 400Pro, this advanced photopolymer 3D printer delivers unmatched speeds, accuracy, and reliability to the manufacturing industry. In addition, it uses a max resolution of 4K and is scalable to meet manufacturing demands, including the need for a wide range of materials.

A new type of material is available for use with the NXE 400Pro. The xESD materials are responsible for reducing electrostatic discharge damages on the manufacturing line. This reduction of discharges increases manufacturing productivity by reducing electrostatic discharges and therefore reducing the damage.

Aftermarket Replacement Parts Case Study

In partnership with Nexa3D, ART showcased our work creating replacement parts for heavy machinery. Some of the machinery that we create replacement parts for are over three decades old and many of their parts are no longer in production.

Using our engineering expertise and our ultra-fast Nexa3D printers, we are able to reverse engineer the parts they need quickly and efficiently. Processes that could take several days with other production methods, like casting, take only an hour or two with fleet of NXE400Pro machines. To demonstrate the capabilities of the machines, we displayed some of the actual parts we created for our client at the show while simultaneously printing them. This allowed viewers to experience the speed and efficiency of our NXE400Pro 3D printer. 

ART Industrial Grade 3D Printers 

Innovations surrounding the use of 3D printers and the application of the technology in many industries are expanding significantly.

  • Military uses include replicating parts that are no longer in the supply chain, new product development, and short-run production components. 
  • The healthcare industry employs 3D printing for protective equipment, medical devices, drug delivery systems, and even items like crowns that are printed in the dentist office.
  • The automotive industry uses 3D printers to produce prototypes, recreate parts, and create complex parts for batteries, chargers, and connectors.
  • Aerospace applications use 3D printers to replicate scale models, equipment, and rockets, and they have the potential to innovate space construction. 
  • Consumer goods manufacturing utilizes 3D printers for fast and precise manufacturing of hand tools, electronics, lawn care, and more.
  • Sporting goods production focuses on athlete safety using 3D printing technology. In addition, they produce custom padding and gear designed specifically for each athlete.

Types of ART 3D Printers 

Exciting products and breakthrough technologies are available from ART’s line of 3D printers. Take a look at the NXE 400Pro, XiP Desktop Printer, and the NXD 200Pro, to learn more.  

  • The NXE 400Pro Printer creates jigs and fixtures, prototypes, and on-demand prints with unmatched speeds and reliability.
  • The XiP Desktop Printer is used in rapid prototyping and production, offering an open material platform with the flexibility necessary for mass production.
  • The NXD 200Pro Printer allows dentists to reduce the time creating appliances like resin models, impression trays, and caps.

Save Time: Make Applied Rapid Technologies Your One-Stop Shop

After viewing the innovations at the IMTS in September 2022, there are many more technological advancements yet to come, which will further excite the manufacturing industry. 3D technology is turning traditional manufacturing on its head and has applications in various sectors, including space construction. Advanced Rapid Technologies has the innovations you need to advance your business. Contact us to discuss your project or get a quote today!