Entrepreneurs look to ART for rapid prototyping.

We partner with you to deliver ideal designs for your 3D printing needs, from initial prototyping to manufacturing at scale.

Our twenty-five years of experience have provided entrepreneurs with solutions to their development challenges. Whether it be using traditional model making techniques, various 3D printing technologies or a hybrid of both, ART is your single source solution. Whether your requirement is for a quick one-off prototype or low volume tooling, ART offers you affordable options and solutions. Our in- house technology pros will guide you through the best option/process to best serve your unique requirements.

Prior to beginning your project, Applied Rapid Technologies can assist with the viability of your project for production. We know that one of the most important resources for entrepreneurs is money. Rapid prototyping allows you to spend less on production – because you won’t need specialized tooling to develop your idea. Ready to take the next step? Reach out to one of our seasoned professionals and we will help your invention take shape.

Case Studies

  • LinQ



    Entrepreneur Hampton Carver came to Applied Rapid Technologies (ART) with some scrap pieces of rubber, a mock-up, and some basic 3D CAD models for a new cell phone accessory idea. He needed assistance picking the proper production material and he needed accurate prototypes to test his designs.

    ART Solution

    Members from our design and production teams sat down with Mr. Carver to gather more information, look at sample materials, and discuss production options. Prototypes were built from a variety of materials and the design was iterated until the final LinQ® product emerged.


    The LinQ project was a resounding success and the ART crew is very happy to see the final product on the market – we love to see projects that we work on make it through production and into consumer’s hands.




Working with three-dimentional CAD models from General Dynamics, ART was tasked with creating 1:25 scale-models or NASA's Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST). Our engineers almost immediately encounted a serious complication: when shrunk to scale, certain components - including wafer-thin solar panels became too small and fragile for fabrication.

ART Solution

Improving the orignal CAD model prior to fabrication enabled ART to create easily-assembled sections for the final desktop models. We consolidated parts and assemblines into 26 components - enlarging and thickenng specific details to ensure stability and visibility. Our expert technicians and craftsmen completed 25 scale models.


The models were such a resounding success that a second order for 25 units was placed shortly thereafter.