Short-run manufacturing with 3D printing solutions.

We deliver production quality without the time and without the costs associated with traditional manufacturing.

Short-Run Production

Need to manufacture parts before high volume tooling is ready to go? Short-run production is the go-to solution for low volume, high speed turnaround times. Using silicone tooling, short run production more cost effective and can be produced much faster than cutting steel tools. Need to alter alter a part mid-run? This method provides greater flexibility to modify the master model or mold that is used for casting. Short run production is a quick, cost effective process for a stop-gap solution or – in some cases – a superior alternative for final production needs.

Cast Urethanes

ART's cast urethane process provides excellent low cost, rapid turnaround for plastic parts. When speed to market is mission critical, cast urethane is a ideal solution for on-demand prototyping or low volume production. With the ever-changing market demands in various industries including medical, electronics, robotics, automotive and aerospace you can gain an advantage in the marketplace with urethane casting.

Cast Silicones

Silicone casting is a versatile middle ground between 3D printing and injection molding that can leverage the best of both technologies. Modern advances in materials have made silicone cast parts comparable – and in some bases, better – in quality than injection molded parts. These cast parts can also be produced in small to medium runs faster and at more affordably than with injection molding. They offer superior finish and fine detail, producing the look and feel of consumer products without any additional finishing.


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