A highly accurate, rigid photoplastic for 3D printing.

xPeo-410 is for uberquick prototyping including form, fit, and function design iterations.

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Nexa3D xPRO410 is a fast printing, super-hard photopolymer used to print very high resolution features. Formulated with exceptional surface finish and extremely high print accuracy, xPRO410 exhibits dimensional accuracy within 0.2% 13after post curing. It’s ideal for printing accurate prototypes – and able to withstand temperatures up to 158F. Accuracy, combined with high HDT, makes xPro410 perfect for consumer goods, rapid prototyping and small series production.

The xPRO410 is used with all of our NXE 400Pro machines and offers extremely high accuracy and exceptional surface finish. The product helps to ensure our users can carry out multiple daily design iterations and same-day on-demand parts.