Applied Rapid Technologies to Distribute Bolson Materials

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation (ART), a leading provider of rapid prototyping and short-run production solutions announces the addition of Bolson Materials to our additive manufacturing materials offerings. These materials help lower operating costs and add value and features beyond those offered by the OEM. Vacuum sealed spools of AMAX, B30, and Breakaway support materials are available in 56 in³ (922cc), 92 in³ (1500cc), 116 in³(1900cc), 183 in³ (3000cc) and 267 in³ (4400cc) sizes for use in most fused-deposition modeling equipment. 

“We are very pleased to add Bolson Materials to our additive manufacturing materials distribution says ART President Bruce LeMaster. “These materials offer our customers a significant cost savings over OEM materials and the benefits of half-load and double-capacity spools currently not available from the OEM.”

Please contact ART at 1-540-286-2266 for more information regarding Bolson Materials, DSM Somos resins, rapid prototyping and short-run production, as well as soft tooling, urethane castings, and production paint services. You can also visit us at