Applied Rapid Technologies Upgrades Objet Eden 500V to Connex Dual-Material Platform

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation (ART), a leading provider of rapid prototyping and short-run production solutions announces the upgrade of its Objet Eden 500V to the newest Connex dual-material platform.

“We were very pleased to hear Objet had developed an upgrade path to convert the Eden 500V to the Connex 500,” said Bruce LeMaster, ART president. “As early adopters of the Polyjet™ technology, upgrading to the Connex 500 was the next logical step as we focus on delivering our customers the latest and greatest technology available. Upgrading to the Connex technology provides us the ability to produce parts with two different materials (great for overmold simulation) and from Objet’s new high performance ABS-like material.

“We selected the Objet Eden 500V due to its large-model production capability,” continued LeMaster. “The beauty of upgrading to the Connex is its ability to build with two different materials at the same time. We can build ten parts on the platform at the same time and each one can have different mechanical properties based upon the ratio of the two materials used. For example, by using Vero White and Tango Black Plus in the Connex we can create 14 different materials ranging from 30A to 80D.

“The Connex multi-material 3-d printer can simulate properties ranging from rubber to rigid, opaque to transparent, and standard to ABS-grade engineering plastics. This makes our upgraded 3-d printer an ideal solution for designers and engineers looking to produce complex or assembled prototypes and parts,” concluded LeMaster.

For more information regarding materials offered on the Connex multi-material printer and application specific solutions contact Applied Rapid Technologies at 1-540-286-2266.