ART Now Offering 3D Printers

For over 25 years, Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation has been a leading designer and manufacturer of 3D printed prototypes across various industries. From healthcare and aerospace to sporting goods and consumer electronics, we help inventors, designers, and engineers turn their ideas into reality. 

In addition to our prototype printing services, we now offer Nexa3D printing equipment. One key benefit of buying Nexa3D printers from ART Corp. is that we not only sell Nexa3D printers, but we also use them, giving us expert knowledge of the inner workings of the equipment and allowing us to better assist you if any questions arise. Our line of 3D printers includes:

  • NXE 400Pro
  • NXE/NXD 200Pro 
  • XiP

NXE 400Pro

With an unparalleled 16L build capacity, the NXE 400Pro 3D printer offers unsurpassed speed andthroughput without sacrificing precision or consistency. The NXE 400Pro industrial photopolymer printer’s unique Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc®) technology delivers speed, accuracy, and excellent surface finish.

NXE 400Pro


  • Patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc®) technology
  • Upside-down printing technology
  • Uses a self-lubricating, flexible membrane that does not stick to the printed portion or the LCD screen underneath
  • Production speeds 6.5x faster compared to other 3D printers in its class


  • The self-lubricating, elastic membrane allows for faster printing.
  • Since the NXE 400Pro has a larger build volume, it allows for building larger parts at higher throughputs and lower costs.
  • NXE 400Pro 3D printers’ modular design can be scaled to meet manufacturing demands, allowing for easy equipment upgrades and mitigating obsolescence.

NXE/NXD 200Pro

NXE 200Pro

Boasting a sizable 8.5L build volume and validated workflow, the NXE 200Pro produces the highest throughput in its class at the lowest total cost of ownership. The NXE 200Pro printer achieves a balance of precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness perfect for manufacturers, engineers, and designers looking to manufacture smaller parts through semi-continuous production.

Some of the benefits of this printer include:

  • Faster printing speeds due to the LSPc® technology, which is 6.5x faster than competing technology
  • Lower ownership cost since the components are easy to service and upgrade

NXD 200Pro 

Designed specifically for high-quantity dental applications. This printer has an unmatched 8.5L build volume and patented LSPc® technology.
NXD 200Pro

Some benefits of the NXD 200Pro 3D printer include:

  • The NXD 200Pro 3D printer is perfect for making dental models, impression trays, splints, and occlusal nightguards. Patient-specific resin models, splints, trays, surgical guides, and nightguards can be made in-house with accuracy and consistency.
  • Lower ownership cost and boosted speed and reliability since the NXD 200Pro 3D printer is easy to use, has a small footprint, and has a lower cost per part.


The XiP desktop 3D printer has a 4.8L build volume and a small, compact footprint. It can be used along with many elastomeric, general-purpose materials and PEEK-like and polypropylene-like resins. 

Some of the benefits of XiP 3D printers include:


  • Powered by LSPc® technology, the XiP desktop printer allows users to print at fast speeds (up to 18 cm per hour).
  • The XiP desktop printer allows users to access the materials they need when they need them. The resin cartridges can be loaded and unloaded even when printing is underway.
  • The XiP’s structure is designed for constant use since the components provide optimized serviceability, usability, and upgradeability.
  • Budget-friendly pricing while offering same technology and speed as larger machines

Choose ART for All Your 3D Printing Needs

Applied Rapid Technologies (ART) is now offering 3D printers in addition to 3D printing services. We use our expertise in all areas of 3D printing to assist and guide our clients through the selection process, whether you want to own one of our Nexa3D printer models or utilize our additive manufacturing services. We are optimally positioned to help you choose the best Nexa3D printer or printing service for your application. 

Ready to find out more about our Nexa3D printers and 3D printing services? Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about our offerings. 

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